Effra Digital has worked with a large number of membership organisations to help them transform their operations from traditional analogue systems to efficient digital platforms.

We have noticed there are common challenges faced by membership organisations, that we are able to help them overcome.

Our system provides:

South London Women Artists
South London Women Artists
  • Complete online membership solution that encapsulates new members, renewals, account management and members only content
  • Quick and easy payments using PayPal, Stripe (and a range of other payment gateways if necessary)
  • Ability to harness subscription and direct debit payments to encourage membership stability and growth
  • Online shopping to purchase merchandise, publications and event tickets
  • Simple Content Management System to allow quick and easy editing by office holders
  • Social media integration

Our system is built on the WordPress platform and be developed and deployed relatively quickly and affordably, we expect organisations to see a return on investment almost immediately.

Membership Organisation Challenges:

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
  • Limited and often voluntary staff
  • Multiple and dated payment methods
  • Overly complex membership types
  • Unpleasant membership user experience
  • Labour intensive and manual renewal cycles
  • De-centralised and non-compliant membership database(s)
  • Out-dated and cumbersome website

Our system reduces the administrative burden on staff and office holders, allowing them to instead focus on the core activities that make their organisation a success.

If your interested in finding out more then please get in touch.

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